7 Must Sees of Pike’s Place Market

There is so much to experience at Pike Place Market. It’s easy to see why it’s called “The Soul of Seattle”. I previously blogged about what to see and do in Seattle but I decided that Pike’s Place Market needed its own Must See List!


  1. Pose for a photo in front of the “Public Market” sign – This is a classic overly touristy thing to do but if you don’t get pictures did you even really see it!? 😉


  1. Get a coffee at the first Starbucks.- Starbucks is a classic for a reason and it’s fun to see where it started. Be prepared to stand in line for a little while but make the most of it, chat with your neighbors and listen to a few of the street musicians near by.



  1. Visit the famous Gum Wall in Post Alley – I had to do a little arm twisting to get Brian to check out this one out with me (he was thoroughly disgusted by the gum wall) Be sure to bring some gum of your own and leave your gum behind to add to this piece of art.



  1. Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – This place is famous for the World’s Best Mac-N-Cheese. They also make cheese on site so you can stay and watch the cheese being made. We ordered the mariachi mac and cheese and would highly recommend it!


  1. Left Bank Book Collective – We fell in love with this bookstore. It’s a little edgier. Left Bank Books operates as a public collective. We found a lot of fiction books and books from small presses and university publications. We both walked out with a few books to add to our ever growing lists of Must Reads.


  1. Pike Place Fish MarketPerhaps the most famous sight to see during your visit to Pike Place Market is Pike Place Fish. It has has become a huge attraction for tourists to come and watch the employees throw the fish around and joke around! It’s a really fun time.


  1. Check out Golden Age Collectables – We really enjoyed Golden Age Collectibles, it’s a shop on the lower level of the market. They sell comic books, action figures, autographed photos, large cardboard cutouts of famous actors and movie scripts. We had fun looking through memorabilia from our favorite TV shows and movies.


I loved the hustle and bustle of the market. It was fun to take in the sights of the beautiful displays of flowers, colorful fruits and vegetables. I hope you’ll check out a few of these places yourself if you find yourself in Seattle.



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