My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I have a little confession to make: Instagram is my favorite social media app. One of the first things I do in the morning is scroll through my Instagram. As I scroll through my feed, I love seeing yummy foods, inspirational quotes, trendy fashion and beautiful scenery.  So today, for you I’ve picked a few of my favorites of Instagram for you. So the next time you’re in the mood for someone new and inspirational to follow on Instagram check out these favorites of mine…

  1. @jennymustard
    To kick off my list I have to share one of my top favorites, Swedish bloggers Jenny Mustard. She is a minimalist, youtuber, fashion blogger, and vegan. I love the beauty and simplicity of her feed. She’s also very inspirational and empowering. If you’re a fellow youtuber lover or podcast listener be sure to check her out there as well. 
  2. @heleneinbetween
    This Instagram account majorly ignites my wanderlust. Helene, her husband and dogs moved from Texas to Germany and now travel and blog their way through Europe. Her feed is filled with some of the most beautiful places in all of Europe!
  3.  @theanastasiaco
    This lady makes the most amazing prints and sells them on her etsy store. She’s also a vintage lover, I love the aesthetic of her feed.4. @farmgirlsdabble
    5D7C49D2-826B-4FEB-89E0-E6116A089175.jpgThis Instagram account will get your mouth watering! Brenda’s motto is “Deliciousness is meant to be shared.” She posts everything from hearty stews to delicious desserts.
  1. @sweptawaybybooks
    AF99E9D9-50C0-47D0-A6B7-244BB426DDC4.jpgAlyssa’s instagram is a great place to go if you’re looking for something new to read. I love all her photos and her book selections are always unique and fun to keep up with!

6. @witanddelight_
Kate Arends is a St. Paul-based creative and multichannel marketing consultant with extensive experience in the design industry. I love how she mixes patterns and textures.

  1. @allthings90s
    89287373-E75C-4BE3-9F23-A9EE0D77256E.jpgThis account celebrates the awesomeness that was the 1990’s. This account shares clips from some of our favorite tv shows, movies and music videos. This account will be sure to get you your daily nostalgia fix!
  2. @Kylespears
    5CE2CD6E-5835-41ED-96C7-662C1B8D269A.jpgKyle is professional photographer, world traveler, and art collector. I first saw Kyle’s photos at an arts festival in Minneapolis and was immediately obsessed!

9. @everyday_ellis
Karli is a favorite fashion blogger of mine. I love her girly and classy style.

  1. @southdakota
    I love my beautiful state and it’s Instagram is no exception!

Are any of your favorite Instagram’s on my list? Tell me what instagrams I should be following in the comments below!

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