Sioux Falls AR Workshop

I don’t know about you but buying Christmas gifts can sometimes be a challenge for me. This year we wanted to try something a little different for my husband’s family. For his mom and sister we decided to gift them (and us) a workshop at the new AR workshop in town. AR Workshop is a new do it yourself boutique that has a wide variety of adorable projects.

Our family had fun creating our own custom home decor. 

Before the class, we all registered online and chose the design we wanted to make.  It was fun for all of us to be able to pick unique projects that matched our personalities and homes. Brian, his mom and cousin chose to make lazy susans and Brian’s sister and I made plank wood signs. When we arrived at the workshop they had all our supplies and a custom stencil ready for us.

Even the men enjoyed the workshop

The ladies helping us were so fun and they helped us choose our paint and stain colors. They wrote our colors on a piece of paper for us and they sent us to work on our stencil.

The ladies leading the workshop were so helpful and fun to work with.

The entire workshop took us about 2 hours. We worked at a leisurely pace, drinking coffee and chatting while we worked. First we stained our projects,then we assembled the projects with a nail gun, then we worked on getting our stencil ready, and after priming the project we were reading for the final task of painting.

My favorite part was painting our project, it was very relaxing. 

I was blown away how great all of our projects turned out. It’s fun to have a unique piece that you made that looks like it’s straight off the pages of Pinterest!

A great way to spend a winter evening with the family

Below is a photo of our completed projects in our house. We are pretty pleased with how they turned out. 

Brian’s “I don’t need an inspirational quote, just coffee” lazy susan. 
My “welcome to our home” wood plank sign. 

I highly recommend checking out the Sioux Falls’ AR Workshop. It’s such a fun thing to do for a family activity or even as a date night.  You can visit their website or Facebook page to see all the projects available.

Our AR workshop creations! 

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