Product Review – Cheeky Lip from Laqa & Co.

The product I’m reviewing this month is  a dual cheek/lip color from Laqa&Co. I received a sample of it in my August Birchbox. Laqa & Co is a relatively newer company, one that I’m not too familiar  with, but after trying this product I would say I’m a fan. They’re a company really focused on convenience, for the woman on the go.

This product is a great product that belongs in everyone’s make-up travel bag.  The color I love is called Cray-Cray. This product can be used on your lips and also your cheeks.


Another thing I love about this product is how creamy it is and how easy it goes on. It feels more like a lip balm or creamy blush. The color cray-cray is a nice medium pink/coral color, it’s a very fun color for summer. I usually prefer darker colors on my lips but I actually like this one, and I LOVE this color on my cheeks. Thanks for reading my review. If you’re interested in picking up this product you can click here. 

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