About me

I’m Kacie, a 26 year old from the Midwest. I graduated from college with a degree in Pre-primary and Elementary Education. I loved my job working with children but about a year ago I decided I needed a little change. I made a pretty drastic career change and now manage a women’s clothing boutique! I love my job getting to help women feel beautiful and empowered! 


I’ve been married for four years to the sweetest, most considerate man. His name is Brian, we’ve been together since I was 17. He works in computer security and does smart computer things, that I don’t even understand, all day long.


I love Jesus and coffee! I count on them to get me through each day. My faith is really important to me and it shapes how I see and interact with the world. Thanks for stopping by my blog, please feel free to comment and share in my daily happening.

Stay Classy!